Monday, July 2, 2012

Grace Gumbo

A gorgeous babe gets turned into gumbo.  She doesn't look to thrilled about it but oh well....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Allen Funt Candid Camera Stunt

This candid camera stunt involves some confusion over whether the woman is a "girl bear" or a "bare girl." At the urging of Allen Funt, the 'victim' of the prank grabs the girl's crotch, which makes her uncomfortable ha ha.

Allen Funt/ Candid Camera- Girl Bear? Or Bare... by cethan

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is She a Showoff? Nah, Just a Mermaid

Oops!  A mermaid finds herself stark naked after her fins dry.
If you ever see a naked girl near a body of water, don't  assume she's a nudist or a crazy exhibitionist. Chances are she's  a mermaid and when their fins disappear, they're naked. As we learned in the 1984 film Splash, when a mermaid washes up on shore, and her fins dry, those fins become legs.  Even though legs magically appear, well... clothes don't!

Yes, it's true: mermaids don't have clothes.

So if you're ever near a body of water and see a beautiful, naked blonde, don't freak out and don't call the cops. Just give the poor girl something to cover up with.

Indeed, people tend to overreact when a naked mermaid washes ashore, as we saw in the movie Splash with Daryl Hannah. This poor mermaid in the video below got arrested!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blonde Vs. Bee

An innocent young woman's chance encounter with a bee yields surprising results and a run-in with the law!  Video below.

Girl's Funny Encounter With Bee  

Bare Beauty Cooked Alive as Gumbo

Tyran Richard ends up on the chef's dinner menu. She doesn't look upset. That's good, because we like it.